Kalyanam Madal at Sungai Petani

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The wedding of Mohamed Yahaya B Mohd Zakaria daughter Noor Fazila Bt
Mohamed Yahaya with Mousuk Ali Bin Mohamed Yavuddin held at Beng Siew Hall
, Jalan Kuala Ketil, Sungai Petani.( 20th December, 2009 )

The Kalyanam Madal were given to bride’s Father , The Madal read by Haji
Mohamed Basheer and were given to the brides father by Haji Thalha B.
Abdul Wahab in the presence of three newly appointed Commitee members Haji
Abul Kalam B. Hj. Mohiadeen , Sathar Mohamed , Hj Mehraj.

It was a historical moment for our Jammath in Malaysia to carry out the
tradition which has been pratice in our Village for many years.

Thanks to our Mr. President to mooted the idea.

— Hj Abul Kalam B. Hj Mohiadeen


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12 years 6 months ago

Salam Mr Abu Tahir,
The email from Hj Kalam was sent to me earlier. I overlooked the email. Sorry for the delay in publishing this..

abu thahir
12 years 6 months ago

assalamualaikum hj Abul Kalam..why it takes more than a month for you to post this Madal presentation news. can you give a valid reason.

al sabri ahmad
12 years 6 months ago


well done and congratulations to MAMJ Sg Petani to have this inaugural Madal presentation. Syabas!

al Sabri ahmad