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1. The most pious and spiritual grave yard of the world is called, “Jannat-ul-Baqqi” where a number of companions (RA), wives daughters and other family members of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allaihi wasallam are lying to rest. In the time of Prophet sallalla ho allaihi wasallam live hood, this grave yard was thought to be out side the Madina city but after the vast extension,now it has now come just adjacent to Masjid-e-Nabvi. If you come out from Masjid-e-Nabvi, through Baqqi Gate, or Jibrael (AH) Gate you will see few yards ahead a boundary wall at a little height. This is JANNAT -UL -BAQQI’S wall. Stairs are made to reach at the height.

2. Men can visit this grave yard going inside but ladies are not allowed even to go up near the wall of the graveyard. Ladies must present their Salaam outside Baqqi. Baqqi is very clean and tidy grave yard. No bush and tree is there. All the graves are made of mud. No concrete constructions over the graves are made. Pavement and passages are made for easy walking but there is no sign over the graves have been given to know the name of the buried personality. Some guides (Moaleems) tell about graves. Squared boundary of half feet high has been built around all prominent graves.


A look of complete cemetery and passages of holy Madina Jannat-ul-baqqi

Map and location chart of holy graves of holy companions and family members of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wsallam in janat-ul-Baqqi



Grave of Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. (Son of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H.)

(He was beloved son of prophet sallalla ho allaihi wasallam. He passed away in his child hood. His mother was um-ul-momineen Syeda Maria Qubtia (R.A) who herself lying to rest in jannat-ul-baqqi.)

Grave of Syedna 0sman Ghani R.A.

(This is the holy grave of 3rd caliph and beloved companion of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho allaihi wasallam. this grave is known as most sacred grave of jannat-ul-Baqqi)


Grave of Hazrat Haleema R.A.

(Syeda Haleema Sadia got honour to feed her milk to beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad sallallaho allaihi wasallam when he sallallalho allaihi wasallam was handed over to her. According to arabic custom an infant just after his birth had been handed over to a nurse or governess for better care in open and healthy atmosphere outside city. Syeda Haleema Sadia belonged to bannu saad(saad family).


Grave of Wives of Prophet Muhammad Sallalla Ho Allaihi Wasallam (AZDAWAJ-E-MUTHARAT)

(Almost all the wives except syeda khateeja (R.A) are lying rest here in jannat- ul-Baqi.Ummul momineen bibi Ayesha Siddiqa (R.A) and Syeda Mariya Qubtia (R.A) are also buried among these graves.)


Grave of Hazrat Safia R.A.

(Syeda Safia was the only confirmed aunt (fathers’sister) of prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihiwasallam who embraced islam. she used to love her nephew very much. she was brave woman.. she was accompanied

with the soldiers of islam in the battle of uhad. she worked in this battle as a kind hearted nurse. she used to clean wounds and bandaged over them.she supplied and helped injured soldiers of islam to drink water in battle field).

(on extreme left, grave of Syeda Safia (R.A) in the middle, grave of Atika on right—-grave of Ummul-Baiza and last two are also aunt of prophet sallallaho allaihi wasallam. it is said that they had also embraced islam in last stage but it is not confirmed. There graves in jannat ul baqi may be the proof

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m a salam (usa)
12 years 1 month ago
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12 years 2 months ago


Good informations and presentations. Especially about Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. (Son of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H.)’s death during childhood. Because i really was unclear on that. Thanks

Additional info : He was born 628 A.D,

His mother was um-ul-momineen Syeda Maria Qubtia (R.A),an Egyptian whom the king of Egypt sent to Prophet Muhammad as a handmaid servant and Prophet Muhammad married her in 627.Masha’Allah.

Apart from that info,

Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H had another son from his first wife Khadijah r.a.. Al qasim. Passed away when he was still a baby.

Mohamed Ayoub K
12 years 6 months ago

புகழ் அனைத்தும் அல்லாஹ் ஒருவனுக்கே.Insha Allah while i do the punidha Hajj. must i will be in The Jannathul Baqqi.

I am carry one’s your point. Thanks Jafer

Jaffer UAE
12 years 6 months ago

Mr. Ayoub K

You published eyes tearing pictures, i never been there, we should thank the govt of Saudi to still they are protecting and maintening of all our historical evidence of ummath of Mohammed Sal (PBUH)

whoever visiting to Saudi for Haj & Umrah, please visit the site of beloved our Mohammed Sal (PBUH) family and sahaba, sahabeen

Thank you once again Mr. Ayoub

12 years 6 months ago

Thankyou brother Ayoub K for the pictures.Its something to be seen and is also very informatif besides being tranquil.Subhanallah.So peaceful.

Mohamed Ayoub K
12 years 6 months ago

Thanks Sister, This great picture is I’m delighted received from one of the Kerala friend. it’s indeed a great Pokkisam for me, I would be greatful to admin for published here.

Dear Admin Thank You very much.