Ramadhan Mubarak

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Praise be to Allah,Lord of the Universe.May peace and blessings be upon Prophets and Messengers,and upon his family and esteemed Companions.
Thank you for the Ramadhan Mubarak greetings and my apologies for the late response.On behalf of MAMJ and EXCO, I wish all of you a Ramadhan Mubarak/Ramadhan Kareem.May Allah swt give good health to our Ummah to be able to fast and carry out all other amals.

Ibn Abbas reported that our Prophet SAW said:
“An Umrah in the month of Ramadhan is equal(in reward) to performing a Hajj.” (Ahmad 1/308 and Ibn Majah:2994)
Ramadhan in Makkah is ‘addictive’(Allah Knows Best),Alhamdhulillah.One Ramadhan in Makkah and you will keep on going for every Ramadhan,Alhamdhulillah.Ramadhan will never be the same for you in any other part of the world.I personally have been blessed to perform Umrah many times during the month of Ramadhan and I will not trade it for anything in the world.The years I was not able to go was when my health did not permit just like this Ramadhan.So whoever can afford and your health permits perform your Haj first and then try and perform Umrah during every Ramadhan,Insya Allah.
I have personally noticed a few unpleasant things happenning during Jummah and Terawih prayers when the Masjid is full.People who are late,try and push in and walk over the top of people.Your rightful place for being late is at the back.You may ask but why I should adhere to the rules when nobody else does?The answer is simple,Allah knows.
” And whatever good you do,(be sure) Allah knows it…(Surah Al-Baqarah,part of Ayah 197)
Sahur – It is recommended to have sahur.
Narrated Anas bin Malik RAH.The Prophet SAW said: “Take sahur as there is blessing in it.” (Bukhari:1923)
It is recommended to have it as close to Solath Fajar as possible.Some people insist on eating early and also to stop eating long before Azan Solath Fajar.To have Sahur too early is contrary to the advise of our beloved Prophet SAW.
Narrated Zaid bin Thaabit RAH: We took the sahur with Prophet SAW.Then he stood for Solath.I asked,”what was the interval between sahur and the azan?” He replied “The interval was suffucient to recite fifty Verses of the Quran.” (Bukhari 1921).

May Allah swt reward in this world and the hereafter for all our good deeds,Aameen,Aameen,Yaa Rabbal Aalameen.



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