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Assalamualaikum, Allhamdulillah this is the first time I am posting a comment.

The issue is regarding our community (Alagankulam Jamaath)’s role as a muslim organization addressing islamic issues regionally and internationally.

As our Jamaath has been on existence for centuries and has passed through civilisation and modernisation , unfortunately our mindset and energy has been confined to the very small world of issues only pertaining to very basic issues of the society such as giving monetary fund to few people , discussing of building a ceremonial hall which is endless, conducting ceremonies in the month of Ramadhan, Eidulfitri , eidulAdha and Having yearly family day. This I am not saying is not important, infact it is crucial in the existance of a society.

But we must open our heart and mind that there are larger issue in this world that had to be addressed by our community both as individual and as a community……unfortunately I rarely see our alagankulam jamaath being mentioned when these issueas are mentioned .

1.Where are we when the issues of Gaza and Palestine was hammered every day since the furqan war in 2009 till now

2.Where are we when our muslim brothers and sisters are massacred in Kashmir

3. Where are we now when Pakistan is experiencing the worst nightmare in centuries…

4. where are we when the issue of MURTAD was played around by the non-muslims

5 Where are we when the system of education in Malaysia is really undermining the real education system of Islam that shall be adhered by Muslims

6. Where are we when the whole world was BOYCOTTING Israel products and services to squeeze the Israel and America to stop the seige in Palestine….

7. Where are we when the munafiqs among muslims even in Malaysia and even among Indian Muslim community, are giving anti Hadith statements

Quoting a warning from Dr Yusof Al-Qardawi :

Shall we think that by saying kalimah,praying,giving zakat,fasting and performing Hajj shall promise us Jannah….until and unless we as muslims live and die as true muslims , Jannah is actually far way from us…” and the defination of true Muslims is vastly described in his explanation…among which is the fardhu ain and kifayah to address the problem of ummah mainly the aggression of the kaafiruuns and munaafiquuns towards the Muslim world….

What I am seeing now is that we are so complecent with our life that we rarely want to even think about these issues ….We are more interested to boost our image by posting ourself without fail in newspaper and media after every single deed we do for some one or community and subsequently potraying it in our website…..

We also think that by giving money to any fund for Palestine, kashmir , Acheh is the ultimate help we are giving to the struggle of these nations….

And we always think that the Presidents  deed is the deed of the Jamaath…….when actually the president should provide the Jamaath the roads and field for deeds and to cultivate the blessings of Allah swt in Yaumul Qiamah as a jamaath ……

Finally what I would suggest is that….

1. Our Jamaath shall play a bigger and larger role in addressing the issues pertaining the muslims around the world.

2 Our Jamaath shall work and plan strategies for the members of our community to be actively giving our opinion and views on issues like Anti-Hadith group, being involved in large scale humanatarian aid activities to needing regions, addressing Da’awah among non-muslims……so on and so forth.

My last word is that , this is jamaath….and we shall work as jamaath and must forego the Individivualism mentality and self appraisal mentality ….if we want to see our Alagankulam Jamaath in the world Map of Islam. Salam Ramadhan Kareem.

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al zambri ahmad
11 years 11 months ago

Salam Nawaz,

Can you post article on your involvement in GAZA recently with photos?.
This will be interesting to read and spur the young to follow your steps..


Al-Zambri Ahmad Kabir
United Kingdom

11 years 11 months ago

Waalaikkumussalam wrb Al-Zambri,(by morai I am your Sinnatha),
I will respond to this later.In the meanwhlie please do not use abbreviation(Salams) in your future correspondences (even in sms) as Ulamas have advised against this.I was severly reprimanded by Marhoom Maulana Sheikh Abdul Rahman for using ‘Salams’ in my text messages( he returned to Rahmathullah in Madinah after the last Haj, he was 102 years old and had performed 60 Hajj times ).This is just my advise and it is your perogative either to accept or not,Allah Knows Best.

11 years 11 months ago
Assalamualaikkkum wrb Dr.Nawaz,Jaffarullah,Al-Sabri,Salam and all others commentig on this issue.Before you comment,please ensure you read this website right from the beginning and one should not comment just knowing half the story.I don’t want to engage myself with a war of words during this holy month of Ramadhan.I welcome constructive criticisms and I will address on important issues here: 1)MAMJ contributed to the Indonesian Earthquake fund(this was in the website). 2)An MAMJ member had written and gone around the country condemning the Anti-Hadith movement.The person concerned has requested me not to mention his name. 3)Numerous cases of Murthad had been solved.You… Read more »
Nawaz Hussain
11 years 11 months ago
Assalamualaikum Mamu Thasleem, Thank you so much for your kind reply and explanation regarding this matter….I really appreciate your willingness to explain the issues in lengthy. alhamdulillah I can see the picture now….I sincerely would like to apologize to you if my words had sounded harsh and provocative…but never in my wildest wish I wanted to offend you or the Jamaath…my comments were sincerely to see our Jamaath elevates itself to a greater hieghts and wisdom by you steering it wheels from the front seat. Since the website is the most sought after media form to be used by our… Read more »
Dato'Haji Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim
11 years 11 months ago
Waalaikkumussalam wrb Marumaganae Nawaz, Thank you for your kind instant response and the fact you addressed me as Mamu,the bonding of our family becomes closer and tighter.Always remember that in Alagankulam we are all in one way or another related,some very close and some a bit further.Ultimately as Muslims we are all one Ummah.I am happy that you have a better knowledge of MAMJ activities and the picture is clearer.I know that you had sincere intentions but was ‘ill-informed’ of the facts.Apologies accepted wholeheartedly (though you need not apologise) as after all you were giving some positive inputs for the… Read more »
11 years 11 months ago

Assalamualaikum. I agree with Nawaz Hussain’s views. I think you are the right person to be at least a commitee member of MAMJ an bring about changes in how our members think in this modern age of challenges.

ayub khan kamal
11 years 11 months ago

assalamualaikum mr. nawaz..thank you very much for the beautiful article..after i read your article, for me, there is a hidden agenda.. what is actually you up to?? do you like to contribute your ideas to this jamath?? you are welcome..we will be very happy if/since you are also a jamath member..

treasurer MAMJ

sabri ahmad
11 years 11 months ago
salam Ramadhan, This topic has been at the back of my mind and since it has ignited, let me give my opinion on it. MAMJ – Past MAMJ is an offshoot or an expansion from the village Jamaath . Its the Malaysian chapter of the Alagankulam Jamaath. Our parents , grandparents and great grandparents migrated to Malaysia to seek for greener pastures in life. The then A.k community felt they needed an association, thus MAMJ was conceived. Jamaath in India had various administrative and even judicial powers to some extend. The community there felt and treated Jamaath as an authority.… Read more »
11 years 11 months ago
Assalamualaikum, Thank you for responding to the article and thank you again for enlighting regarding the status of our beloved MAMJ. But I tend to defer and disagree to 2 of the points raised in this reply…. 1. Firstly to say that we are a small organization and therefore we dont have the energy and strength to indulge in international issues….My dear brother all the issues that I have mentioned is not international issues…It is the issues of the DEEN and the issues of the MUSLIM UMMAH. How then we even can think , what more to say that ,… Read more »