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ASSALAMU ALAIKUM, President & committee members & all algaians.
The month of Ramadan provides us with a blessed chance to reap blessings and rewards. That is not all. It is also an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen and purify our character. The general spirit of Ramadan encourages us to live more wholesomely and better ourselves.
The reduced temptation to do wrong afforded to us by fasting and by the general atmosphere of Ramadan gives us a chance to show Allah our best potential. We should do what we can to maximize this potential.
To get ourselves in the proper frame of mind – and earn Allah’s blessings as well – we should devote more of our time to the Qur’ân.

We should not only read it every day, but it is really important to reflect on what it is telling us, to ponder the lessons we can learn to improve our lives. The more we dwell upon the Qur’ân and its teachings, the better it will be for us, since Allah is speaking to us directly. The Qur’ân is a balm for our hearts, a restraint on our passions, and a cure for our doubts and misgivings.

Therefore, we need to read the Qur’ân with sincerity and concentration. We need to seriously meditate on its meanings. How sad it is for a person who does not benefit from his or her reading of the Qurân.
During this month, we should be ever-vigilant to avoid behavior that can nullify or reduce the rewards and benefits of fasting. We should, for one thing, shun excess. This includes excess in food and drink. It also includes gossip and unnecessary speech.

We should also seek to minimize other unnecessary distractions, even when it comes to the company that we keep. This is why making a retreat to the mosques is especially recommended in the month of Ramadan. While we are in retreat (i`tikâf) we free ourselves from the worries and preoccupations of our daily lives.
Another way to develop ourselves in Ramadan is to cultivate our generosity in this month and overcome our selfish tendencies. In other words, we should increase our charity.
Cultivating good manners should be another priority of ours. Good manners are the best companions that fasting person can have. Alas, too many people become estranged of their good manners when they are hungry. They become quick to anger and lash out at others with their otherwise un-preoccupied tongues.

Such behavior compromises the very purpose of the fast. Fasting is supposed to inculcate patience. Indeed, fasting is sometimes referred to as “patience”.
With patience, we can cope with our lives throughout the year. Without this noble quality, our lives will be frustrating and bitter. The month of Ramadan is the time to develop this most essential quality.

May Allah grant us success.

Aameen ….. Aameen ……Yarabbil Aalameen!!!

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