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sabri ahmad
11 years 3 days ago

salam syawal ,

Our dato Thasleem is everywhere. Good for him.
Permim and Kimma can now be more relevant since UMNO has accepted Kimma to be its associate. Only if all IM can unite under one banner.

al sabri

Dato'Haji Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim
11 years 2 days ago
Assalamualaikkum wrb Al-Sabri, kindly understand that MAMJ is an NGO and dont you dare bring in politics.MAMJ and its members have safeguarded the integrity by not involving MAMJ in poltics.That is an indvidual choice and this is not the forum.I have been very patient and dont push me to the corner to retaliate.What do you mean that I am everywhere?There is a limit to your sarcasm.You have the right to comment but keep within the limits.This website has a decorum and dont cross the line and you will regret it for the rest of your life.What do you know of… Read more »
sabri ahmad
11 years 2 days ago


OH My God, what did I say to invite this threatening remark from Dato.
Hope this is my last comment in this website.
Bye and good luck