MAMJ Membership 2009-Presidents Appeal

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Assalamualaikkum wrb to all MAMJ members.

Our Treasurer posted under the heading “HOW TO PAY MAMJ MEMBERSHIP FEE’” on Monday,January 25 2010.My request now is for all those MAMJ makkal in Malaysia to kindly respond whether they have paid the membership fee.
We are now in the month of September 2010 which means those who did not pay 2009 have now to pay 2010 also totalling RM120/per person.I look forward to your comments on this and why they have not paid the membership fee todate.
My wife and I are Life members as we paid RM1000/= each.I hope more will come forward and become Life Members,InsyaAllah.

Dato’Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Haj
MAMJ President


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12 years 16 days ago

Good, Dato President for the reminder!Before giving ideas and suggestions,lets pay the one month Rm 5 (therefore one year Rm 60 subscription ) first. You dont have to have someone to come to your door step to collect it or an AGM or family day to pay up.Isnt this the era of internett banking?If not ,bank it into MAMJs Bank Islam ac.also can.No money,how to run an organisation?Dato President,I think I will also become a life member.Three installments — can or not?????

Dato'Haji Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim
12 years 16 days ago

Assalamualaikkum wrb Sister Safidah,
Thank you very much for the instant response.In the Treasurers appeal,MAMJ’s Bank Islam account number was also given.Those who want to send a cheque also can do so (Haji Ismail Sharif Machan) had sent a cheque for him and his spouse Hamidah Kuppi.
Yes,Life membership can be paid in Instalments and maximum is 4 instalments.You can bank in/send your first instalment of RM250/=.InsyaAllah.