A Muslim Student in India Fights for Her Right to Dress in Islamic Way

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In Karnataka (a state in India), which is ruled by the Hindu extremist party, B.J.P., a 17 yr old Muslim female student, Aishah, joined a women’s college, Sri Vengadaramanasamy Women’s College. Because she wore the Islamic dress, she was told by the college administration that she should not come to class in Islamic dress (wearing ‘hijab’). Not going to class, she protested and ‘waged a war’ against that rule. Support for her became stronger & stronger. Finally, a meeting was held between the college administration and the Vice Chancellor of the university, in which a new ruling was formulated, saying that the “uniform for ALL students would now include head-covering’’.

In present times, it is indeed astonishing that the Islamic religious steadfastness of this student has brought about such a great & unique accomplishment! In modern times, just to appease their non-Muslim friends, many Muslims nowadays forsake their prayer; go with them to restaurants that do not serve ‘halal’ food; attend feasts during the month of Ramadan forsaking fasting; forsake Islamic dress code in the name of ‘modern fashion’; parents do not at all care about the dress code of their children – for these people, there is indeed a splendid lesson in this example of Aishah.

The present Muslim society needs youngsters like Aishah; and parents like Aishah’s parents.

(Source: ‘Nargis’ a monthly Tamil magazine from Tamil Nadu, India – Oct.2009 issue.)


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