The Best Person in The History of Mankind

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‘El Mundo’ – a Spanish newspaper – conducted a study of the most influential people, who caused the most effective influence and changes in the history of mankind. 257,618 people participated in the study. Of the 21 people considered, again Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. has been voted to the 1st place. 88% of them (255,749) voted Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. as the most prominent person. 11% (28,906) voted Nabi Isa a.s. (Jesus p.b.u.h) to the 2nd place. The remaining 1% was shared by 19 others!

Karl Marx – founder of Communism   329 votes

Adolf Hitler   244 votes

Albert Einstein   206 votes

Julius Caesar   152 votes

Charles Darwin   138 votes

Aristotle   99 votes

Sigmund Freud   70 votes

Leonardo da Vinci   65 votes

Thanks to ‘Quranin Kural’ – an Islamic Tamil monthly from India, March’09 issue, for the info.

Thanks to Perak Islamic Information Centre for translating and forwarding this to us.


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