Success dosen’t come within a day! – MAMJ n Alagai Makkal

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Assalamualaikkum wrb Alagai Makkal,
This is not the only eye opener for Indians in India but for the Indians living all over the world.We are all of Indian origin and there are so much that we can be proud of and let us now look at Malaysia.There are so many achievements by our Alagai Makkal which todate have not been documented except some.As President of MAMJ, I humbly request all Alagai Makkal in Malaysia to forward any information available to enable MAMJ to compile them for an important event next year,InsyaAllah.The younger generation should discuss with the older generation Alagai Makkal to gather the data.feel proud to tell the world of our achievements.A recent event in Kuala Lumpur has given the impression that the Muslim Indians in Malaysia are either Money changers or Restaurant owners.We are proud to be in that field but let us Alagai Makkal showcase to the world we are also achievers in other fields of Medicine,Science and Technology.
Do you all know that the first Muslim Indian in Malaysia who obtained Masters in Law is from Alagankulam?
Do you all know that the first Muslim Indian in Malaysia who became a commercial airline Pilot is from Alagankulam?
Do you all know that  the first Muslim Indian in Malaysian who graduated in Hotel and Catering management is from Alagankulam?
Do you all know that the first Muslim Indian in Malaysia who graduated in Printing Technology is from Alagankulam?
There are many more FIRSTS from Alagai Makkal in Malaysia.Please forward the information that you know to the President,InsyaAllah.


“Success doesn’t come within a day!”

It was a tough path for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) to reach where ever it is today..
One of the highly regarded Space Research Centers in the World…..
Hats off to the determination of 100s of Self-less, Genius and Dedicated
Scientists and Engineers who made this possible….

See the very rare pics of ISRO from its old days….

This was how the Rocket Cone was transported to the Launch Pad at Thumba !!….

November 21, 1963: The Nike Apache rocket being readied for launch..

Try Identifying the person on the left…most probably you wont be able to identify….
He is our very own… Dr. A.P J. Abdul Kalam….

Early days at the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station.
Readying equipment to be carried by a sounding rocket into the atmosphere are Kalam and R. Aravamudan ….

The present day Launch Station at SriHarikota….

Pass on this to everyone who is proud to be of Indian origin…and let them feel proud !!!

Message : Success doesn’t come within a day!”
In a day,when you don’t come across any problems,you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path – Swami Vivekananda

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m a salam (usa)
11 years 9 months ago

Do you know which is the first Muslim Indian Jamaath in Malaysia to have an online website?????

Dato Haji Thasleem
11 years 9 months ago

Assalamualaikkum wrb Thambi Salam,
Of course I know the answer but let us wait and see whether anyone else comes up with a reply.Insya Allah.
Annan President