Allah takes Your Soul When You sleep

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Dear Alagai Makkal,
Please pass this information to all our loved ones,family and friends.May Allah swt reward us in this world and the hereafter for all our good deeds.

Would you like to know what
happens when you sleep??
Allah says in the Quran:
It is Allah that takes the souls (of men) at death and those that die not
(He takes) during their sleep:
those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He keeps back (from
returning to life),but the rest He sends (to their bodies) for a term
appointed.Verily in this are Signs for those who reflect. Quran, Chapter
39 verse 42 This means: every time you sleep, Allah takes your
souls,amongst many other souls he takes during sleeping. Then Allah
decides who is going to be given another chance. For those who are blessed
with another chance, Allah will permit their souls to go back to their
bodies, the rest he keeps back from returning to life i.e.they die. This
means: each time you go to bed you should never be sure you will get up
again, you ONLY have 50% chance for coming
back to life. This means: each time you go to bed you should be prepared
for your hereafter. This means: when you wake up the next day you should
appreciate how lucky (blessed) you are. And say “Blessed be the one who
returned my soul to my body, and granted me another chance”. This is what
the prophet PBUH used to say when
he wakes up. This means: when you wake up the next day you should make
sure you utilize the new day as much as you can before sleep
time comes,in case the new day you are living is the last
chance you are given. This means: you should try to make sure you recite

sura AL-MULK (chapter67) before sleeping, because the prophet PBUH
promised that one who reads this sura before sleeping is saved from the
punishment of the grave.May Allah forgive
us all and bless us with a happy life in this dunya and the


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