Naive, Dim-wit or Extreme?

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Naive, Dim-wit or Extreme?

Dinesweri Puspanadan, Malaysia Chronicle

When a young Malaysian rapper bashed racist principals with a vulgar but anti-racist video clip, he ended up in the police station for 8 hours while the ‘non racist’ principals were able to wander freely because ‘investigation is under process’. Are they Naive, Dim-Wit, or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me!

When a 14-year old kid who sped off as police chased him ended up with bullets smashing into his head while the real murderers of a Mongolian model may still be walking on the streets, do we call this injustice? Or is it Naive, Dim-Wit, or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When 4 undergraduates who campaigned for the opposition during a by-election they were charged but the students who campaigned for the ruling party walked out with their heads held high (Siap berani update kat Twitter dan Facebook lagi! ) Do we call our judiciary corrupt? Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me

When Malaysians called for equality, ‘some vocal leaders’ jumped up and ‘brilliantly’ argued that these were ‘ungrateful demanding people’ who were also racists, while a ‘genius’ and ‘non racist’ columnist warned non-Malays to not challenge the status quo and even suggested that the Indians and Chinese ‘migrate’ to India and China’. Are they denying us our roots? Or just Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When a ‘charismatic’ leader delivered ‘the most memorable speech’: ‘Shit Shit Shit’ on Al Jazeera criticizing and insulting non- Malays, people who supposedly championed 1Malaysia kept mum. But when the mentor of a successful neighboring nation admonished Malaysia for its discriminating policies which marginalized people according to race, he was bashed by some Malaysians ‘kononnya’ he was trying to ‘disrupt Malaysians’ unity’. Are they Naive,Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When Malaysians stood up and performed peaceful protest to seek justice for an innocent man who died one year ago in mysterious circumstances, they were dispersed brutally whereas some ‘extremists’ who behaved like morons in the name ‘protest to seek justice’ at the U.S. embassy (Bersihkanlah daki di bahu sendiri dulu) were graced and showered with praises (not forgetting the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ on their shoulder). Are they Naive,Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When an outspoken lady spoke the truth about Malaysia in an interview with Indonesia, she was stamped as a ‘traitor’ while when ‘1Malaysian’ twisted his policies and continued to keep mum while his team busied themselves bashing other races and spreading racial slurs, his component cronies shamelessly channeled their support to this ‘1Malaysian team’. Are they Naive,Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When a ’40 percent truths and 60 percent lies’ news portal released documents proving corruption at the highest levels in the government, ‘computer geniuses’ blocked the website whereas when blogs like ‘India membunuh Melayu’ went unscathed after two Indian lawyers were arrested as suspects for Datuk Sosilawati’s gruesome murder. Are they Naive, Dim-Wit or Extremist? I do not know. You tell me.

When a lady MP went into a ‘surau’ to give some donations to renovate the surau, she was slammed in the media and labeled as ‘dirty’ and interestingly many Al Quran illiterates strongly warned the Non-Muslims that they should not enter Muslim’s prayer spaces (Which Al Quran are they referring to? Their own version?). But when a group of ‘extremists’ protested the building of a temple next to a mosque by throwing cow-heads into the temple, a ‘non extremist’ defended them and claimed that it was not wrong as they only voicing up their rights. Are such people Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

When a group of constitutionally literate people were campaigning to educate people on our federal constitution, a group of ‘well educated graduates’ twisted the issue and blamed that this campaign was giving a wrong impression about constitution. Are they Naive, Dim-Wit or Extreme? I do not know. You tell me.

Then there are the ‘responsible and civilized Councilors’ who put to sleep 9 ‘uncivilized and aggressive dogs’ which purportedly belong to the 2 suspect lawyers in the Datuk Sosilawati murder case. Since, some of our basic human rights are not even recognized, it is ridiculous to expect the authorities to hear the ‘voices of these innocent animals’. Why punish these animals? You can’t tell they belong to murderers and so should be killed. In any case, those lawyers are suspects. Isn’t it in Malaysia that, ‘Seseorang tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan kesalahannya’.

Well, what else can we say about this nation and its ‘ idiotic dejavu’ system where your own sperm could end up in your anus, a dead man can write a suicide note after strangling himself. Big jet engines can disappear but submarine cannot sink. What do we call these people? Naïve, Dim-Wit or Extremists? I do not know. You tell me.


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