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14-year-old boy gets permission to enrol in Master of Computer Applications in southern India

In an incident of child prodigy, a 14-year-old boy naming Mohammed Suhail of Coimbatore city in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu gets special permission to pursue Master of Computer Applications at a local university.

At the age of three, Suhail had learnt to create, save, rename and do all the basic operations with files and at the age of six he joined a computer centre to learn various other complex software of computer application.By the age of 14, when he entered the eighth standard he decided to discontinue his schooling and applied for a postgraduate programme from a local Bharathiyar University.

“From my childhood I started working and learning on computers in various fields like hardware infrastructure, software development and networking and data bases. During my seventh standard I decided to discontinue my schooling and then joined college in a professional course in any of the Indian universities and I especially prepared myself for those things. In the past three years then during my eighth standard I developed various kinds of software,” said Suhail.

An applicant should be of 18 years and above for doing a postgraduate degree programme according to the general University norms but after testing the computer application knowledge of Suhail, the university officials welcomed him to the computer science department of their college.

So far Suhail has won various national level competitions and has also earned excellence award from Microsoft.

He aims for completing the two-year Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course in the next six months.

The young child wizard has developed more than 20 software for school management and aims to develop an Operating System at very low cost which can by easily bought by common people.

“My aim is to become a computer scientist and develop something new that will contribute to the public people contribute to the general people in India. Then in my future I have also planned to develop an operating system at a very low cost like it will be available in the rates like 200 to 300 rupees, it generally costs more than 8000 to 12000 rupees.”

The goal of his life is to become a computer scientist and serve the nation


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