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MAMJ successfully carried out this campaign in colloboration with the National Blood Bank.This is the 10th time MAMJ is organising this and a total of 65 pints were collected,Alhamdhulillah.More than 15 people were turned away who did not meet the guidelines set out for blood donation.
The campaign went on very smoothly and thanks to Hajjah Safidah,Siti,Sharifah,Ayub and Driver Din who were outside the masjid distributing leaflets and inviting people to donate blood.May Allah swt bless all of you and rewards in this world and the hereafter,Aaameen.

MAMJ thanks Masjid Muslim India,Kuala Lumpur for allowing us to use the ground floor for the occassion and all their staff for the assistance.
Our heartful thanks to Shafik and management of NZ Curry House for the wonderful lunch served on that day.May Allah swt bless you all for your good deeds.

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m a salam (usa)
11 years 8 months ago

Congratulations and thanks to this wonderful event. Very disappointed to see only 5-6 committee members were present.

Dato'Haji Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim
11 years 8 months ago
Assalamualaikkum wrb Thambi Salam, Thank you for taking time to write and you are one of the very few who take the trouble to visit our website and keep posting your comments regularly,Alhamdhulillah.May Allah SWT bless and reward you in this world and the hereafter,Aameen. I always believe that Allah swt determines every thing that happens in this world.We informed the MAMJ members long time ago and also the EXCO.Those who did not turn up will have their own reasons and we respect that as their right.They have missed out the wonderful blessings of Allah swt at this event.They might… Read more »