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Praise be to Allaah.

Firstly:     The Muslims have acquired from the kuffaar the practice of giving flowers to the sick and putting garlands of flowers on the graves of their deceased. Both actions are reprehensible, on the one hand because these bad customs have been taken from the kuffaar, and on the other hand because they are a waste of money. What benefit is there in roses and flowers for which money should be spent on them and which will fade after a short while when no one, living or dead, benefits from them?

Secondly:       Some researchers have stated that wearing a garland of flowers is a custom that was originally taken from the Christians, and is something that they do in their church. A study has been undertaken on this topic.

‘The crown of flowers:   Wearing a crown or a garland of flowers: the origin of this custom is what was done in the church. It says in their books: after the blessing and after the newly married couple prepared to leave the church, it was customary to adorn them with a crown or garland of flowers, as a symbol of victory and of their chastity.’

(End quote from Ta’ammulaat wa Waqafaat ma‘a ba‘di Mazaahir al-‘Ars by Dr. Faatimah bint Muhammad Aal Jaar-Allah.)

What we have mentioned is no different from the ruling on wearing a garland of flowers on the occasion of marriage or for the ‘aqeeqah or on other occasions.

It should be noted that the issue of customs varies from one country to another and one place to another. If the matter in your country is as mentioned here, namely that this custom was originally taken from the kuffaar, whether Christians or others, or it is a custom that is only for the kuffaar in your country, or for a group of them, such as the Hindus, as they are known for having this custom, or from some other group, if that is the case it is haraam to do this action, which is one of the actions of the kuffaar that is unique to them or was taken from some of their religious traditions or is done in imitation of the kuffaar, in one way or another, and is something that is unique to them.

And Allah knows best.

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11 years 24 days ago

Why curse the poor flower garland that cant talk back.Why no comments about our womens’ dressing – the ‘PUDAVAI’ with aurath exposed. Is Pudavai Kuffar dress or mukmin dress? If mukmin dress – it has to be remodelled – no exposing of bodyparts like abdomen,upper and fore arm and head (hair).Why cant the garland be just considered as a decoration piece? like a gold colour brooch on the songkok? or a fully embroidered wedding dress?It adds colour and beauty to the couple! It emits good smell a SUNNAH !

m a salam (usa)
11 years 15 days ago
Assalaualaikum, Thanks for yoyr comment,akka. I’m not cursing the flowers as I, too love flowers. What prompt me to write this article was an incident happened in my friend’s daughter’s wedding in which the bridegroom’s family was so adamant that they will call the wedding off without the flower garland. Your comment about the ‘pudavai’ harm or prohibition in wearing them, as long as body parts are not exposed. “Scholars have specified the requirements of the Muslim-woman’s proper dress before al-ajaanib (lit. foreigners, i.e., those to whom marriage is permissible) from both the Glorious Qur’aan and the sunnah. Once… Read more »
Hajah Begum
11 years 1 month ago
Salam Kindly keep to the core beliefs. Vacillating and arguing on trivial subjects like the use flowers, incense or jossticks is all in vain. Note the adage: Can’t see the woods for the trees! If someone can’t see the wood for the trees, they get so caught up in small details that they fail to understand the bigger picture. We must work on how we project ourselves and what we as Muslim represent. Nitpicking is not a desirable trait. Let us all strive to become good kind human beings who practice not only Islamic but also universal values which definitely… Read more »