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We Muslims simply cannot understand why others ‘poke their nose’ and interfere in our ‘internal affairs’ —  matters relating to Islam & Muslims only (Marisa Demori’s letter in NST August 2, 2011). Kuantan has barred only Muslim GROs. Others are totally free to choose what they want to do. That law does not apply to them. And, it is the absolute duty of every Muslim and State Islamic Department to guide fellow Muslims in the right path that Islam has laid down as its doctrine.


Marisa Demori’s comments only reflect her total ignorance of Islam, and also her total disregard of human nobleness & values. Every religion has drawn decorums of human behaviour & values. Even the Bible, which I presume she might have read, says “Righteousness exalteth a nation.” But, alas, all of her views are totally against all these decorums of every religion!


To answer her question: In Islam, for a man to stop at a bar is HARAM! To have a drink (liquor) is HARAM! Be served by a GRO (female) is HARAM. Have a short chat with her is HARAM. Needless to say, all these constitute immoral behaviour in the eyes of Islam. So, Islamic authorities in Kuantan simply want to save Muslims from Hellfire. If others want to go ahead, they are at liberty to do so. We won’t cry ‘foul’! Would anyone, including Marisa Demori, accept anyone interfering in their own family affairs? It is utterly indecent on the part of any civilised, educated sensible person to interfere in other people’s personal affairs. Likewise, as Islamic laws are for Muslims only, it would be of low morality and senseless indecency, for others to comment or criticise laws pertaining to Muslims only.


To her questionWhy can’t the religious authorities accept that a man and a woman can have a purely professional relationship?” The contra question is: Can fire & cotton be near and together? Just as the other would be burnt if brought near to fire, possibilities are there — and this cannot be discounted — that the chastity, nobility and noble values of woman would be burnt off. Thousands & thousands of such cases have happened. Islam simply wants to prevent such ‘too-late-to-regret’ occurrences. Prevention is better than cure! When Islam says so, it is the duty of Muslims to obey (Muslim means ‘total obedience to Will of God’). No one, including Marisa Demori, has any right to question that.


<p>I am startled at Marisa Demori’s statement that “Any profession that originates from a human need is legal.”</p><p>A prostitute is in that profession because of her need (for money). Can that be legal?</p><p>A snatch thief is in that profession because of his need (for money). Can that be legal?</p><p>A drug lord is in his profession because of his need (for money). Can that be legal?</p><p>A person cheats another in a land deal because of his need (for money). Can that be legal?</p><p>A professional killer kills someone because of his need (for money). Can that be legal?</p>Ask any criminal. He would say he did it because he needed money; or to seek vengeance. Can all that be legal? <p> </p>A horse without the bridle; a bull without the yoke; an elephant without a mahout; a vehicle without brakes — all will go off-track and end in disaster. Likewise, a society without rules & laws of good decorum would end in the gutter.<p> </p>Islamic laws are to safeguard humanity as a whole — especially Muslims. Others — do not interfere!<p> </p>If Marisa Demori wants to discuss more on this matter, she can contact me at our website: orFacebook/Mohamed Amir Meera Hussain.


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