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With reference to Azmi Sharom’s article “Right To Question Hudud” in The Star 6.10.2011.


It is indeed extremely shocking to see a Muslim – and that too, a knowledgeable person like Azmi Sharom – saying that ‘in a democratic country, any law – divine or man-made – should be allowed to be questioned! In a democratic country, even certain man-made laws cannot be questioned; and no one raises his eyebrows or voices his disapproval. Surprised! Yes, it is so. Just take an example of a private company or an industry. The boss of the company or the industry make certain rules by which the employees should comply. Just because that country is democratic, can the employees, at any time, question the practically or rationality of the rules & reSgulations of the company? Certainly No! if any employee is disgruntled and show his disapproval, he would be simply booted out.


Just recently, I had to visit several ceramic-tiles shops to choose tiles for my newly renovated house. In one such shop, to my very great surprise, the customers were required to remove their shoes, and leave them at the five-foot way; and enter barefooted! (Safety of the footwear left outside, is a another matter!)  I was shocked! When in all other such shops one could go in wearing shoes, why is that one cannot do so in this shop? This is a democratic country! Can anyone question the owner of the shop regarding this matter? No! If anyone questions, he would be asked to go out if he doesn’t like that ruling.


If man-made laws cannot be questioned at certain times or at certain places, it is utter stupidity to cry ‘foul’, if one is not allowed to question ‘divine’ laws – the laws of God.

However much knowledge one might have attained, however high one’s position might be in the society, he is still a man – a mere minute creation among the billions that the Omnipotent, All-Knowing God has created. Man, by nature has flaws, and whatever he may design or do, would have errors. God – the All-Knowing – who created Azmi Sharom, and all Creation, knows what is best for His Creation; and, He has decreed His laws for His Creation’s peace & harmony. If one cannot understand and accept this simple fundamental truth, the fault is not with Hudud; or it’s Maker, but it is with those who are not able to realise & accept their own deficiency & shortcomings as Man.

Once, Luqman Hakim, (who is mentioned in Al-Quran) a very pious man, was asked by someone who knew him when he was a boy: “How did you become so pious, inspite of your unsightly physical features?”  Luqman Hakim answered: “Are you accusing the Creator?” – meaning, no one has got any right to question that which He has ordained.


When great non-Muslim leaders such as Napolean Bonaparte, George Bernard Shaw, Mahatma Ghandi, Washinton Irving, Sir William Muir, and so many others (can refer to my book, ‘Agama Pertama Di India’ – available free, if you give your postal address), strongly recommend Islamic laws for peace & harmony among mankind, it is very sad to see Muslims – Azmi Sharom & others – voicing their concern & disapproval about Hudud.


Please read  Al-Quran and understand it. You will definitely support Hudud just as Archbishop Tan & Samuel Yesuiah of Seremban do.


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