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‘Rig Veda’ is one of 4 holy scriptures (Vedas) in Hinduism. The other 3 Vedas are Sama Veda, Yajoor Veda & Atharvana Veda. All these Vedas speak of many aspects which are similar in Islam.


Rig Veda says:

“Yahan sath vipra bahoodha vathanthi” meaning, ‘God is only one. Spiritualists call Him by different names’, and mentions 33 such names (2:2:3-11) of which Brahma, Vishnu, are some of them.

Brahma means ‘One who creates’; in Arabic, we say ‘Khaliq’ (one of the 99 names of Allah.)

‘Vishnu’ means ‘One who sustains everything’; in Arabic, we say ‘Rab’. When we say, “Ya Rab” we mean ‘O, Who sustains all that is created.’


Rig Veda 1:16:46 says:

“The true God is Only One. Basing on His divine qualities, He is called by different names.”

Al-Quran also says that Allah has got many beautiful names (17:110). You may call Him as Ar-Rahman (Most Compassionate), or Ar-Rahim (Most Merciful), etc.


Rig Veda 10:190:3 says:

“The Creator created the early creatures and the sun and moon.”

This is exactly similar to what is said in Al-Quran (32:4):

“Allah, it is He Who has created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them …….”


Rig Veda 6:45:16 says:

“Ya ik ith musthi-i” meaning ‘He is the Only One Who is to be Prayed.’

This is exactly similar to the Islamic basic pronouncement: “Laa ilaaha illallah.”


Rig Veda 8:1:1 says:

“All praises are to that Only God who is Almighty.”

This is exactly similar to “Al-hamthu Lillahi Rabbul Aalameen.”


Rig Veda also prophesy about the coming of Prophet Muhammad:

“Mahamat, who is true, learned, and mighty would bless me. He is complete. He is the blessing for the whole universe. He would attain fame with 10,000 people.” (Rig Veda 5:28)

Al-Quran says of Prophet Muhammad thus:

“Rahmat lil aalameen.” meaning, ‘He is blessing for the whole universe.” The mentioning of ‘attain fame with 10,000 people’, refers to the victory of Makkah by Prophet Muhammad with his 10,000 companions (Sahabah).


Now the question would arise “when Rig Veda and all other Hindu scriptures very closely speak of ‘only One God’, how is that the Hindus pray to so many other gods?”


It is due to some unscrupulous, selfish, materialistic people who disguise themselves with the ‘robe of holiness’, who interpolated & defiled the true teachings of Vedas, with their own mischievous misinterpretations, creating many gods, and making themselves as intermediaries between these gods and men.


The other logical question would then arise:

“If true teachings of Vedas affirm ‘Oneness of God’, then what is wrong if Hindus, remain as Hindus with the true teachings of Vedas as their scripture?


I was a young lad at time of Merdeka, with Tengku Abdul Rahman as PM. Would anyone of the present time agree and accept if I were to say that “I would be subservient to Tengku Abdul Rahman and not the present PM?” Certainly no! As time passes by, one has to accept the constitution which has undergone some changes to suit the time, and also accept the present PM, not the former PM.

Likewise, in this period of time, one has got to accept the last of the scriptures – Al-Quran; and, accept the last prophet – Prophet Muhammad.



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