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The Editor, ‘The Sun’


I sincerely hope that this letter of mine in response to letter by ‘Mualaf’ of Kuala Lumpur in The Sun on 11.11.2011, will also be published, showing your fairness & etiquette of journalism.

Because Mualaf has extensively quoted verses from the Quran and a few episodes in the life history of Prophet Muhammad, I have got no choice but to do the same.


‘Mualaf’ of KL, through his letter (The Sun, 11.11.2011) has posed a question “Will we pass the test?’’


Most certainly he will not pass the test; because he, being a Muslim, has neither ‘studied’ Al-Quran; nor studied the history of Prophet Muhammad! Al-Quran, which is “the guidance to all mankind” (2:185), very clearly and emphatically says:

“Ask of those who know the scripture (people who are knowledgeable in scriptures such as Al-Quran) if you do not know (about a matter) (16:43; 21:7)


‘Mualaf’, being an ordinary Muslim – not that knowledgeable in Islam, as can be perceived – should have asked and verified his views from Islamic scholars. He had obviously not done so; and so, he would certainly not pass the test.


Would he dare to comment on a decision made by a doctor regarding a disease? Or, a decision made by an engineer regarding the structural plan of a building? Or, a decision by a judge regarding a case? Or, a decision made by an aeronautical engineer regarding the design of an aircraft? No! Because, he does not know about all that; and people would simply laugh at him and ignore him, if he were to do so. Is it not then ridiculous that ‘Mualaf’ has dared to question and give his own interpretations on matters relating to Islam, of which he seems to know nothing?


“Anyone one who interprets verses of Al-Quran according to his own ideas without following the ‘established code of interpretation’ is doomed to hell” – saying of Prophet Muhammad.


The verse (Fathir 35:27-28) that he has quoted is totally misinterpreted to suit his wrong views. In that verse, Allah tells of ‘diversity in appearances’ only, of the various creatures of His creation. In another verse too (49:13), He clearly explains as to why He had created differences in appearance in His creation. In these verses, He is not speaking anything about ‘behavioral diversity’! He is telling that the ‘diversity in appearances’ is only to recognise one another. ‘Mualaf’ can approach any Islamic scholar (ulama) and verify; instead of interpreting Quranic verses himself. Again, he would certainly not pass the test!


Also, ‘Mualaf’ has very cynically tried in vain to justify his repulsive views by drawing a parallel with Prophet Muhammad’s tolerance with Jews and Christians. Prophet Muhammad only allowed the Jews and Christians to follow and practise their own religions and customs; just as our Malaysian constitution ‘allows all other religions to be practised freely (practise only; not propagate), although Islam is the religion of the Federation’.


All religions categorically denounce all unnatural, heinous, worse-than-animal activities such as homosexuality, etc. When Prophet Muhammad allowed the Jews and Christians to practise their own religion, it does not mean he had also allowed such perverted, unnatural, sinful activities. Would he tolerate and allow such detestful sins to be committed, when Allah Himself has cursed such activities; and punished those who committed them (tribe of Prophet Luth a.s.) most harshly? (7:80-84)


All religions and all ethnics have their own natural religious beliefs and cultures. But none advocate or encourage these unnatural shameful activities. Living in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic society, one has only to bear and accept their diversified natural practices. Not these awful, unnatural, sinful acts by perverted individuals.


‘Mualaf’ has quoted Quranic verse (Al-Maidah 5:48), but wantonly leaving out the first part of that verse, which in fact is very important for consideration in this matter. The verse says:

“And We (God) have sent down to you (O Muhammad) the Book (Al-Quran) in truth, confirming the Scriptures that came before it. So, judge among them by what Allah has revealed, and follow not their vain desires, diverging away from truth that has come to you. To each among you We have prescribed a law and a clear way. If Allah had willed, He would have made you one nation, but that (He) may test you in what He has given you; so compete in good deeds. The return of you (all) is to Allah; then He will inform you about that in which you used to defer.”


Allah has instructed NOT to follow ‘vain desires’. What are ‘vain desires’? Ask any Islamic scholar. The answer would be plain and direct ‘as an arrow’: ‘perverted unlawful desires’ for which ‘Mualaf’ is championing for!


Allah has commanded to ‘compete in good deeds’ (virtuous deeds). Just ask any Quranic scholar if homosexuality is a virtuous act. Again, ‘Mualaf’ would not pass the test!


There are 2 types of wrong-doings that Man commit:


1. Wrong-doings by which no others are affected or influenced such as not praying; not fasting (but must not eat in public); not paying Zakat; not performing Haj, although capable; etc. For such wrong-doings, Islam advocates, not punishment, but correcting the wrong-doers with mercy, counseling and advice.


2. For wrong-doings by which others can be affected or influenced such as cheating; theft and robbery; rape; prostitution; gambling; drinking alcohol; homosexuality, Islam shows no mercy (study Al-Quran and Hadith)


Prophet Muhammad, who has been exaltingly glorified by Allah Himself as “mercy for all that has been created”, and “he grieves when people receive any injury or difficulty, and is anxious over people (to be rightly guided; to repent to Allah and beg Him to pardon and forgive their sins …..(9:128)”, firmly refused to show mercy and pardon a lady from high-class clan from chopping off her hand for stealing, saying “Even if it had been my own daughter (Fatimah), I would still not pardon her.”


So, it would be totally against the Will of Allah to show any mercy to those who are cursed by Him for their ‘vain desires’. They must be severely punished; and removed from society. Hence, ‘Mualaf’ has certainly failed the test by Allah.


In Islam, not only the perpetrator of a sin is guilty and punishable; but also all those who abet in any way – such as encourage, assist, support or speak for them – are also guilty of that sin. So, in view of Islam, however high a position one may hold; however scholarly he may be, he is still guilty of the sin that he supports.


As for the deeper concept of Qurban, anyone can refer to my Facebook page or website:http://piicm.org.

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