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Saidina Hassan r.a. (grandson of Rasulullah) said:

“Ladies’ beauty can be compared to the eggs of ostrich. Just as the mother ostrich spreads its wings and covers the eggs, to protect the eggs from dust, women’s beauty should be covered.”


Any object that is covered is given great value and merit.

Any object that is displayed openly, is regarded as cheap.

For example, oranges, apples and other fruits, wrapped up with plastic paper, and kept inside refrigerators in supermarkets, with the instruction ‘Do not touch’ are considered by customers as clean, and of high value; and are willingly purchased, though the price is higher than those sold in the streets. These same fruits sold at wayside and at markets, heaped up in piles and displayed openly with no coverage at all, are handled very freely by the customers. They pick them up, examine them, and put them back if they are not satisfied. People do not give much value to these fruits that are handled freely & openly by the customers.


It is because of this, Islam strongly advocates covering of all parts of females, other than face & palms. However, modern ladies, trying to circumvent this law, dress in such a way that they ‘cover’; but, in reality, expose all the contours of their bodies – revealing whatever beauty that Allah SWT has Blessed them with. They appear more ‘naked’ than dressed!


All sectors of people exploit women to the maximum, stripping them almost to their bare minimum, and exposing them in all media, to promote their products. Cars, telecommunication products (computers, cameras, handphones) are all advertised with ladies clad in minimum. One wonders what connection have these products to do with such ladies! This goes to show that women are now exploited to the maximum, and used only as objects of trade. Is this not fleecing the modesty & honour of women? Sad to say, most surprisingly, women most willingly give in, to be used as ‘seductive exhibits’ to promote the product that the trader intends to sell! I simply cannot accept that women are mere tools for trade, as portrayed in all aspects of modern advertisements.


In Islam, women are regarded with very high esteem.

“Paradise for children is at their mothers’ feet.”

“A person, scorned by his mother, can never even dream of paradise.”

And, it is to bestow the highest esteem and safeguard theirhonour, Islam emphasizes that they must be ‘covered’.

Here, I like to draw an example of a one-time, very famous model, who is a Muslim, in Indonesia. Shukur Alhamdulillah, somehow she got the ‘hidayah’; and changed her whole lifestyle. She left modeling because a devoted & practicing Muslim has got to wear tudung to completely cover her head & bosom. She was interviewed many years ago by our TV channel, in which she was asked: “What difference do you feel between then & now?” She answered: “Before, when I walk down the street, I only heard all sorts of ‘catcalls’ from men; because, they saw me only as a sexy model. Now, when I walk down the street in my Islamic dress, the only thing that I hear is, respectful ‘Assalamualaikum”.


Dear sisters, Islam’s code of dress is only for your own good – to create an aura of honour, respect & dignity around you. It is not forceful restriction of your liberty. Without being dressed in the proper way as Islam has decreed, your modesty, your honour, your self-respect would be deprived of; and you would be made as an exhibit, only to please the hawkish eyes and lustful hearts of men.

Al-Quran commands women thus:

“And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands…”  (Al-Quran 24:31)


Do you not see that all the Western ladies who were before barely dressed, changed to Islamic dress and covered themselves after their conversion to Islam? They had ‘experienced’ the so-called ‘liberty’ to the maximum; but then why do they now willingly opt to cover themselves? They now realise that the true honour, self-respect and dignity of feminism rest in the Islamic code of dress. So sisters, to uphold & safeguard your dignity & honour in the eyes of others, cover yourselves in the way Islam has decreed.

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