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It is most distressing & shocking to note that even some ‘born Muslims’ have started to ask this question – most often, after their education in western countries! Education is bound to reveal more & more of the existence of God as one climbs up the ladder of education. Just to mention of one such incident: Albert Einstein, the discoverer of atomic energy, after his extensive & intensive studies of the universe, finally stated:

“There is a supernatural force governing the whole universe.” And, that ‘supernatural force’ is called by various names, referring to that Unequal, the Only One Supernatural Force. But, alas! The converse is taking place to a very few of those who climb up the ladder of education.

Time & again this question has been posed by the unbelievers of God – the atheists.

Before my logical explanation of the existence of God, I shall narrate 3 episodes regarding this issue.

In early 1970s, a person from Sri Lanka threw a challenge:

“If anyone can prove the existence of God, I shall reward him with 100,000 rupees!” (That was really a big sum in those days.)

A Muslim took up the challenge. He was not even a great alim (Islamic scholar). He was just an editor of an Islamic magazine.

Day, time & place were fixed – a very big hotel in Chennai (then known as Madras)

The public event was held in front of very prominent dignitaries and hundreds of people.

The challenger did not expect anyone to take up the challenge. When this man came forward, he was greatly awed. To make things very difficult for the responder, he dropped a ‘bombshell’ at that moment; saying to the ­ responder: “You must prove the existence of God in 5 minutes!”

The responder answered: “With Allah’s Will, I shall prove in 4 minutes! The challenger was awed! Responder asked the challenger:

“Let’s say there is corpse. Will the corpse have eyes?


So, can it see?


Will the corpse have nose?


Can it smell & breathe?


Will the corpse have ears?


Can it hear?


Why can’t the corpse see, smell & hear although it has eyes, nose & ears?

Because there is no more soul in it!

How did the soul come into being? Who created it?”

Silence! The challenger accepted defeat, handed over the sum of 100,000 Rupees to the responder. He, gentlemanly declined to accept the reward, saying: “I did not take up the challenge for money. I want you and all others like you to realise the existence of God.” He told the challenger that he must now give in writing that he would no more throw such challenges. The challenger did so.

2nd Episode:

A ‘born Hindu’, and a ‘born Muslim’ became atheists. (Though I know their names, I won’t mention them.)  Both were intellectual giants in their respective field. The ‘Hindu’ atheist is a professor; and also very knowledgeable in all Hindu scriptures; but became an atheist. The ‘Muslim’ atheist is a well-renowned physicist-scientist.

They were friends because of their common ideology – atheism.

However, by the Will of Allah SWT, the Hindu atheist became uncertain of his belief; began to reconsider; and finally came to believe in the existence of God. Not only that! He pondered over scriptures of all religions – Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism & Islam – became convinced that Islam is the only true religion. He has now embraced Islam.

His friend, the ‘born Muslim’ was so upset that he discontinued their friendship. However, due to Allah’s Will, they happened to be seated next to each other in a plane; and with no choice but to spend the time, they started conversing:

‘Muslim’ atheist: How can you ever believe there is God, after having been an atheist after so many years?

Converted Muslim: (after thinking for awhile) Where were you before you were born?

‘Muslim’ atheist: In my mother’s womb!

Converted Muslim: Before that?

‘Muslim’ atheist: In my father’s loins!

Converted Muslim: Before that?

‘Muslim’ atheist: (Silent! After a while, said): I am now confused.

Anyway, that conversation made the ‘Muslim’ atheist to ponder deeply; and, being a highly educated person, realised the folly in his belief of atheism; later repented; began to study Al-Quran; and is now, a devout Muslim.

The converted Muslim based his argument on a verse in Al-Quran 52:35

“Did they come into being from nothing? Or, did they create themselves?”

3rd Episode:

An atheist came to Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) – one of the 4 very great scholars of Islam – and said in arrogance: “I don’t believe in the existence of God. Everything in universe came into being by itself.

Imam Abu Hanifa (RA): Alright! I want to put a question to you. You must answer honestly!

The atheist answered: Although I don’t believe in God, I believe in honesty.

Imam Abu Hanifa (RA): Would you believe if I were to say that there is a ship in the middle of ocean; and that ship is full of passengers and many other things. But that ship sails by itself without the direction of a captain? Do you believe that?

Atheist: Certainly impossible for a ship to sail by itself without a captain.

Imam Abu Hanifa (RA): “If a ship needs a captain for its smooth sailing, is it possible that this universe which differs from end to end, which undergoes perpetual transformation, which is in constant motion be without a Wise and

Knowledgeable Creator?”

The atheist could not argue anymore; and left.

These 3 episodes are most sufficient to prove the existence of God – the Only One God; and any atheist, even with a little bit of intelligence and right-thinking, can in no way now deny the existence of God.


Please, look forward to more proofs of existence of God, based on science which will be posted soon.

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