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Question 1:

Why did Allah preserve only Al-Quran? Why didn’t He preserve other scriptures also?



The other scriptures were revealed for those people of that period:

Zabur was revealed to the people of Daud a.s.(David)

Taurat was revealed to the people of Musa a.s. (Moses)

Injil was revealed to the people of Isa a.s. (Jesus)

Al-Quran was revealed for all peoples of the world; and, it is for all times.


Let us say, all the other scriptures are also preserved. To which scripture should the present day people follow? The shariah of one differs from the shariah of another, although the doctrines of all scriptures are the same. For example, during the time of Musa a.s., a person is to take revenge, just as he had been affected – an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth; etc. During the time of Nabi Isa a.s., if one slaps another, the affected person is to ‘show the other side of face’.

Hence, which is to be followed?


During the time of Nabi Musa a.s., the Taurat instructs one to cut away and throw off that portion of the dress where a drop of najis (urine, semen) has accidentally soiled. In our time, it is enough if that portion of the cloth is just washed properly.


So, if all scriptures are preserved, which one is to be followed? There will be only chaos & confusion; isn’t it?


Even our Federal Constitution has undergone so many changes. Many clauses that were there at the time of Merdeka are not there now. If the original Federal Constitution, with all the amendments made at various times, is still in force, what would happen? The police force, the legal system would be in utter confusion as to under which part of the Constitution the defaulter is to be prosecuted. For peaceful existence the old has got to give way, to the new. This is natural law.


Question 2:

Science tells that sperm is from genitalia; whereas Al-Quran tells that it is from the backbone. Is this not contradictory?



Al-Quran has told 1430 years ago (15th century), what modern science has just discovered recently. Although sperm production is from genitalia, but the precursor of sperm is the ‘stem cell’, which is found in the marrow of backbone. Modern science only discovered about the stem cells about 3 decades ago; whereas Al-Quran speaks about it about 1430 years ago.


Question 3:

Science in Al-Quran was taken from the Greeks.



The person who made this statement should read the book “Bible, Quran & Science” by Maurice Bucaille. It would show that Greeks’ thoughts were in no way even near to what Al-Quran says.

For example:

The Quran speaks of the development of human embryo in minute detail:

“We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We made the alaqah into a mudghah – lump of flesh (chewed substance) and We made [from] the lump, bones, and We covered the bones with flesh; then We developed him into another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators.”  (Quran 23:12-14)


Literally, the Arabic word alaqah has three meanings: (1) leech, (2) suspended thing, and (3) blood clot.


These verses tell the various stages of development of human embryo in minute detail: from sperm to alaqah (blood clot resembling clinging leech). From alaqah to lump of flesh; and from the lump of flesh, develop the bones, which are then covered by flesh; after which the embryo develops into mature human foetus.


The Greeks never knew anything about these scientific facts about development of embryo.


How could Muhammad have possibly known all this 1400 years ago, when scientists have only recently discovered this using advanced equipment and powerful microscopes which did not exist at that time?  Hamm and Leeuwenhoek were the first scientists to observe human sperm cells (spermatozoa) using an improved microscope in 1677 (more than 1000 years after Muhammad). They mistakenly thought that the sperm cell contained a miniature preformed human being that grew when it was deposited in the female genital tract.


Professor Emeritus Keith L. Moore is one of the world’s most prominent scientists in the fields of anatomy and embryology and is the author of the book entitled The Developing Human, which has been translated into eight languages. This book is a scientific reference work and was chosen by a special committee in the United States as the best book authored by one person. This book gives in minute detail the development of embryo, the description of which is in total conformity with Quranic description.


Another example: Al-Quran, in 3 places – 25:53; 35:12; 55:19-20 – mentions of extraordinary unnatural phenomena that occurs deep in the oceans. We all know that the sea water tastes salty – very salty. But most surprisingly and unbelievably, at certain place deep in the ocean, the sea water is not at all salty! On the contrary, the water at that spot is very palatable to drink; while a couple of feet away the water is extremely salty! Though there is no barrier separating the 2 portions of water, still the water DO NOT mix!

“It is He Who has let free the two bodies of flowing water: One palatable and sweet, and the other salty and bitter; yet has He made a (unseen) barrier between them, a partition that is forbidden to be passed.”  (25:53)


This is told in Al-Quran about 15 centuries ago; but the Greeks nor any else didn’t know about this until about 50 years ago, when the French oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau discovered this.


When there is no visible barrier between 2 types of fluid, logically & scientifically, the 2 types of fluid should mix and attain common properties. But here, although no barriers are seen at all, the 2 types of water deep in the ocean do not mix at all, at certain places.

The Greeks did not know at all about this phenomenon; neither oceanographers nor scientists until 5 decades ago. The Quran says about this strange phenomenon – and many other hitherto undiscovered phenomena – 1430 years ago.


Another example:

Al-Quran says “When the sun is wrapped up [in darkness]” (81:1)


It is only now the scientists have deduced that sun will eventually be exhausted of its combustion material; the fact which have been told 1430 years ago, in Al-Quran (the above verse).


The Greeks never knew about this.


Question 4:

He (the atheist) does not believe in Imam Mahadi; Gog & Magog; and Judgement Day.



Everyone goes to school; studies for 10/11 years; and then an exam is conducted to gauge if the student is fit to go for higher education in universities. If no exam is conducted, how to differentiate between a good student who had clearly studied hard; and an inattentive, couldn’t-be-bothered student? No one in his right mind would expect all students – good & bad – to enter university without a qualifying exam. If so, all the teachings by the loyal, dedicated teachers would be of no use at all.

In the same way, this world is with all sorts of people – good & bad. If there is no Judgement Day, in what way the good is to be rewarded; and in what way the bad is to be punished? In this world, it is a matter of fact that not all good people are rewarded; and all bad people are punished. We see so many good people undergo very severe hardships & sufferings; and many bad people enjoy life to the maximum; living in pomp & luxury, until they pass away. Any person with common sense, would acknowledge that this is not justice at all! So, where & when is the justice going to be meted out? People who believe only in Nature have got to answer this! Nature does not give any solution regarding justice to these people.

So, there must be a means by which people are judged according to their deeds in this world. Just as examinations are held on particular days to evaluate the students’ performance, a Judgement Day is bound to be there to evaluate & judge everyone’s deeds in this world. That day should be a day in which no one is discredited or misjudged – just as the student’s exam papers are evaluated only on his performance; and nothing else.

So, even logically arguing, one would deduce that there need to be a Judgement Day, in which everyone would be dealt with, according their deeds in this world.

“They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its arrival? In what [position] are you that you should mention it? To your Lord is its finality. You are only a warner for those who fear it. It will be, on the Day they see it, as though they had not remained [in the world] except for an afternoon or a morning thereof.” (Al-Quran 79:42-46)


The belief in Imam Mahadi; and Gog & Magog is not of primary importance.


Question 5:

Why are some verses in Al-Quran implicit – not straightforward & clear?



‘Implicit verses’ does not mean that the verses are not clear – as many think so! It means that each implicit verse can give many interpretations; whereby many laws can be deduced. This is indeed a Gracious Gift from Allah SWT.


Unlike other scriptures which were revealed for people of a certain time, Al-Quran is the scripture for ALL TIMES. As period of time progresses, Man progresses; his ideas and understanding of Nature; and thereby, science progresses. So, the interpretation of an implicit verse would vary according to time & understanding. This is very beautifully described by an eminent Islamic scholar, Sharifudin of Busri, in his book of praise of Rasulullah, ‘Ghazithathul Burdha’:

“Al-Quran is just like an ocean. The ocean has been, and will be, always be the same. But, from it arise new waves every minute. Likewise, from Al-Quran emerge new interpretations, according to time & understanding.


Example 1: the Quranic verse:

“Indeed, Allah [alone] has knowledge of the Hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs….” (31:34)


Until just about 50 years ago, Man interpreted the phrase as “only Allah knows what is in the wombs” to mean the sex of the foetus – whether male or female; and whether the foetus is fully developed or with deformity. But, Man may now claim that he is now able to know the sex & form of the foetus through modern techniques.


However, the meaning of that verse is now extended to corroborate with time, to mean: ‘Allah knows not only the sex & form of the foetus  but also the character, the level of intelligence; what he/she would be in this world; etc., of which no man can ever know, when the foetus is in the womb.


Example 2, “Nun. By the pen and what they inscribe.” (68:1)

Although the letter ‘Nun’ is considered as the letter, the meaning of which is known only to Allah, a few consider that it means ‘ink bottle’, basing on a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah r.a., which says: “I have heard Rasulullah saying, ‘Allah first Created pen; then created Nun – and, that is the ink holder. It is because of this, Allah says: Nun; walkalam”.


Hence, the verse ‘Nun; walkalam’ means all means that are used for writing.

When we go down history, we see various stages of transformation of the ‘means of writing’:

  1. Primitive Man wrote with chisels (as pens) and some form of paint on walls of caves,
  2. Then Man wrote with sharpened wood (as pen) and some form of ink on parchments, leather, barks of wood, etc.
  3. Then Man used ink and also lead pencils to write on paper.
  4. Then Man started to use typewriters (pens in the form of keys and ink in the form of ribbon)
  5. Now Man uses computers, to write down everything.


Later, whatever may be invented, would have ‘ink’ in some form and ‘pen’ in some form.

Thus, the Quranic verse ‘Nun; walkalam….’ still stands as the fundamental means of the various transformation of writing.


Example 3 : Surah 55 Verse 33


“O company of jinn and mankind, if you are able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass. You will not pass except by authority [from Allah]”


Men of those days understood this verse that Man & Jinn cannot traverse the universe. But, as Man progressed in science & astronomy, careful analysis of this verse gave Man a different meaning; that Man & Jinn can traverse the universe, if they have the required capabilities & knowledge (sultan).

And this is now seen – traversing the universe; landing on the moon; satellites orbiting around planets; etc.


Example 4: Surah 27:20

“And he (Nabi Sulaiman) took attendance of the birds and said, “Why

do I not see the hoopoe – or is he among the absent?”

Though this verse superficially seems to just tell a simple episode; it has a very deep meaning. King Sulaiman a.s. was not only king of Kingdom of Man; but also king of Jinn, animals & birds. In spite of his  subjects being so vast, still he could notice the absence of a small bird in the huge assembly of all his subjects.

The inner meaning of this verse, is that every leader – leader of a country; leader of an institution; leader of a department, leader of armed forces; leader of a family – must be very observant, and be in the know-how of everything that happens every day – however small or big the matter may be.


Likewise, each verse would give so many different meanings which would vary with progress of time; and understanding of Man.


All the meanings of implicit verses can never be known; or written; as ascertained in Al-Quran 18:109:

“Say, “If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement.”

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