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One must unbiasedly understand this: the suicide bombers never target civilians. They only target foreign agressors’ posts, which are always situated in the midst of civilian community areas. Also, they target at traitors – their own countrymen, who act as stooges & spies for their enemies.Please read again my article, in which I have elaborated in detail.

Can kindly explain the 2002 Bali bombing fit into your above statement? Do the people of Bali have anything to do with Iraq, Palestine conflict or the war in Afghanistan? Are the people of Bali traitors of Islam, stooges & spies of the West? Or simply because they are buddhists, the infidels.

Before we discuss about the Bali bombing to judge the right or wrong of that action, it is best to go further to study the cause of tsunamis, that frequently cause great havoc in Indonesia — the population of which is 80-90% of Muslims, who are supposed to be (and expected to be) God-fearing, which means, try as much as possible, to avoid evil & sins.

Scientists claim that tsunamis are frequent in Indonesia because Indonesia lies in the belt in which earthquakes are frequent. However, this is not the only cause. There are other factors too, that must be taken into consideration. Because of poverty of majority of the population, they resort to any means to carry on their livelihood. The Westerners, making use of this poor state of affairs, flood to Indonesia for all sorts of immoral activities, such as prostitution.

Big hotels are places where such sinful activities are carried out by the Westerners. And so, Islamic organisations resort to blowing up these places where sinful activities, are carried out rampantly.

Islam advises thus:

“”Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest of faith.” (Hadith)

To prevent such sinful activities, Islamic organisations resort to blasting the hotels and other places, where the foreigners who come for vice actions are accomodated, to create fear in the foreigners, so that they would not find Indonesia as a ‘safe haven’ to perpetuate their sinful activities.

One must give a thought as to why the bombing was carried out only in Bali; but not in Jakarta, or Medan, or in other cities where foreigners too come and stay in big hotels. These cities are trade-centres. Foreigners come there to conduct business. Bali, is not so! It is a tourist resort. Foreigners go there just enjoy with immoral activities; and so they are targeted.

Some local unscrupulous, self-centred, selfish people build small motels near beaches, to carry out such immoral activities. This wrought the anger of the Creator, who caused the tsunami, to wipe away all the abodes of sinful activities. In the 2004 tsunami, thousands of Westerners, who were there for their sinful activities, were killed ― very

true to what Allah says in Al-Quran:

“Each We seized by his sin. Against some We sent a sandstorm. Some were struck by the Blast. Some We caused the ground to cave in beneath them. And some We drowned. It was not God who wronged them, but it was they who wronged their own selves.”  (29:40)

Yes, it may be argued that the Muslims, who are so concerned of such sinful activities by the Westerners, could resort to peaceful means instead of  such violent measures because Allah, in His Al-Quran has also advised Muslims to approach & preach in nicest of ways (16:125):

“Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good advice, and debate with them in the most dignified manner. Your Lord is aware of those who stray from His path, and He is aware of those who are guided.”

True! They should have done so, first, before resorting to violent activities. Whether the Westerners, who were so bent on such immoral activities, would have heeded to their advices or ‘sermons’, is of course doubtful; but still, that should have been tried first because Al-Quran says so. But, overzealous, over-enthusiastic people went overboard, thinking that advices would not stop such activities.

Here, it must also be noted that on 11.4.2012, at the depth of 33 km below sea-level, and earthquake with a force 8.6 Richter’s occurred at the same spot at which the tsunami of 2004 occurred; but, most surprisingly not much catastrophe as in 2004 occurred! Why? Geologists & oceanographers have given various explanations for this altered phenomenon; but, why did the change in phenomenon occurred? No one can answer this; except to say: “That was God’s Will.”

Now you can judge for yourself whether Bali bombing was right or wrong.


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