Never Failing Profitable Business

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Assalamualaikum (wrb)

I am an Alagankulavasi, contacting you all in our website after a long interval.

Almost every one of us is a businessman, in one form or another. Even professionals, such as engineers, lawyers, doctors, architects, accountants, are businessmen, in a way. As Al-Quran deals with all aspects of life, it also tells about how to attain never-failing profitable business.

As businessmen, we would certainly like our business to be always profitable. No businessman would like to incur loss in his business. For our business to be always profitable, Allah SWT has shown a very simple way, by which a businessman can always get profit. But, to attain that, Allah SWT has laid down 3 conditions, in this verse of Al-Quran (35:29 & 30):

“Verily, those who recite the Book of Allah (this Quran), and perform As­Salat (Iqamat­as­Salat), and spend (in charity) out of what We have provided for them, secretly and openly, hope for a (sure) trade­gain that will never perish. That He may pay them in full their wages and enrich them of His bounty; surely He is All-forgiving, All-thankful.”

The 3 conditions are:
1. Must recite (read) Al-Quran regularly every day (reading of Al-Quran means ‘with understanding’ from translations);
2. Perform solat (prayer), 5 times a day regularly;
3. Give charity secretly; and openly.

If a businessman very firmly follows these 3 conditions, Allah SWT Promises that that person would certainly get profit in his business, that will never diminish. Not only that! In verse 30, He Promises to give even more benefits out of His Grace.

My dear brothers & sisters, who wouldn’t want a never-diminishing profitable business? To attain that, follow these 3 conditions. Never-failing profit is yours.

However, my dear brothers & sisters, but Allah SWT also gives a warning that if we give more importance and priority to our worldly belongings: parents, children, brothers, wives, relatives, the wealth that we have gained; the business in which we fear loss; our houses of which we are proud & happy, instead of Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW, and spend whole-heartedly in the Cause of Allah (Islam), then He warns that He Will bring down His Decision (His Decision to cause misfortune; and loss of everything):
“(Muhammad), tell them, “If your fathers, children, brothers, spouses, relatives, the property that you possess, the trade you fear may have no profit and the homely life are more beloved to you than God, His Messenger and fighting for His cause, wait until God fulfills His decree (of making the right distinct from the wrong). God does not guide the evil-doers.” (Al-Quran 9:24)

So, beware! All that we enjoy ― wealth, happy family with children, houses, estates, which we are so happy & proud of ― may be taken away ‘just like that’ (just like immense wealth of Karun), if we do not do deeds in Cause of Allah. We ourselves have seen in our lifetime, many very rich people losing everything.

Examples of Cause of Allah are:
1. Give whatever we can to relieve the sufferings of poor;
2. Spend on education of poor students, who are good in studies; but unable to continue their studies;
3. Build suraus & masjids in places where there are no mosques. (Alhamthu Lillah, in Malaysia we don’t have such situation, but in India and other poor countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. there is an abundant need of mosques in rural areas);
4. Spend on propagation of Islam (Dakwah) as much as possible ― through publication of Islamic books, booklets; arrange speeches to the masses, and to provide help & assistance to those involved in such Dakwah activities;
5. Build Islamic education institutions; or, give financial help to such existing institutions;
6. Give financial assistance for programs of building hospitals in very poor Islamic countries, such as Gaza, India, Pakistan, etc.

Dr.Mohamed Amir

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10 years 13 days ago
Yayasan Pelajaran Islam ? I never happen to learn about it since my college days. They may have done some thing , but was not aware of it’s existence until these 2 to 3 years and what they can do for IM. May be publicity may help. Professionals claiming to be Malays? What’s wrong with that if the Constitution allows that? Why should they associate with IM? What has IM community done to them for them to be proud of IM? Did IM give them scholarship to study? Did IM give them work after graduation for them to be proud… Read more »
Muhammad naseem
9 years 9 months ago
Kootu kabeer Its very interesting to see how and indian muslim can be so ignorant and brought up by their parents with such arrogantness and rudeness . In Islam there is no provision at all to call any other muslim or person stupid or fools especially in open. Only an idiot will always call other people idiot and a wise man is always humble and respect other people especially to our elders. Indeed from your dust bin facts about Alagankulam , it clearly shows that only You are going to toilet on the road and everybody else there are now… Read more »
Jet Lee
9 years 10 months ago

Are you the one who is playing the role of Syaitan now? Your writing above shows who you are..

10 years 13 days ago
Salam to all, It’s very interesting topic to discuss further . Firstly regarding the IM charity works, it’s good to hear some are contributing to charity in national and international way. I hope one day in future IM community will actually benefit from the charity works done by these kind of successful people in the community. For now it’s still lacking. For instance, today if an IM walks out from college holding a bachelor’s degree, he can pretty sure non IM businessman will offer him job unless he/ she can be the in law/s of the wealthy man.The prime consideration… Read more »
10 years 24 days ago

Salam, out of the 6 causes, only no 3 is done by Muslims thru Majlis Agama Islam. The rest is never heard of as being done by Muslims especially Indian Muslims in Malaysia. Our businessmen must learn to do more for charity . We may have to learn this from the Christians…
I dont recall any educational or health institutions built in the name of charity by Indian Muslims or Muslims in this country.

Dato Thasleem
10 years 20 days ago
Assalamualaikkum wrb Alagankulam jamath makkale. A very good article and food for thought. I wonder how many have read this masterpiece.From the comments looks like only one person has read and commented.Even that person seems to be shy to identify himself/herself as the name is not complete.Indian Muslim businessmen in Malaysia have been contributing either to one or all of the six causes in the way of Allah.Just that not much publicity is given.Self praise is no praise and publicity for Islamic charity is not something Muslims will want to seek.Believe me most successful Indian Muslim businessmen do contribute substantial… Read more »