Shaikh Varusai Mohamed Valiullah (Rah) Shaikh Abdul Kader

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8/9th Generation descendants of Shaik Varusai Mohamed at Dhargah building entrance
from right, Shaik Abdul Wahab, Shaik Jamal Mohamed current elder of the family, Samsalman Farook and resident of Alagankulam Takdee Siraj

Original Main entrance to Alagankulam village panal pathai till 50’s

Shaik Varusai Mohamed Dhargah

Down the memory lane and in touch with Theology , one of the  gift ALLAH swt has given to the village of Alagankulam and it’s people is the life and the presence of a Valiullah by the name Shaik Varusai Mohamed Valiullah ( Rah) Shaik Abdul Kader.

Its reported that Shaik Varusai Mohamed  (“sheikh”) was born in Basra/Baghdad region of the present day IRAQ in the year Hijri 1070( AD 1649). He was then reportedly migrated to South India and settled down at the village Alagankulam, Ramnadhapuram  District.

He was a great scholar and actively preached Islam and its Shariah in these regions . He also often travels to surrounding areas to preach Islam . He was much sought after and had a large following to hear his sermons and views regarding Islam its ways and practices. To a very great extent, his sermons and preaching attracted many people in the area into ISLAM.

He was reportedly married twice and was blessed with one (1) son and one (1) grandson . His first wife was an Alagankulam native with whom he was blessed with one (1) son. After the demise of the first wife, he reportedly married another women from the village Senbudayarkulam about 5 km south of Alagankulam. There is no record of any child with this second wife.

Although he had traveled immensely in his life time for his  missionary work, his station has always been in Alagankulam where reportedly he owned a small plot of land called “ Sethu thodam”,  until today this plot of land is in inherited by his descendants.

Down the lineage line and at present eighth( 8th)/ ninth (9th ) generation of his descendants are still living in Alagankulam and many have also migrated to other parts India and the world including  Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Middle East/Gulf area.

The people of Alagankulam are very much indebted to the Great Shaikh  for his great  contributions in molding the life of most Alagankulam people in terms of inputing the Islamic way of life and the Shariah practices that the people follow until the present day.  His demise reportedly at the age of 120 years on Hijri 1190 (AD 1769) was also at Alagankulam and his remains were buried in the village itself. His burial site is always visited till today . The location of the burial site is the first building to greet any one coming into Alagankulam as it is situated right at the entrance  of Alagankulam, (“Old Manal Pathai”)

Today his eigth (8th) generation of descendant is headed by Shaik Jamal Mohamed Mohamed Haniffa (age 80+). A committee headed by Shaik Jamal Mohamed is looking after the burial site of the Shaik varusai (“Dhargah”) as the Dhargah  has always been in the custody and maintenace of Shaik Varusai Mohamed’s descendants from time in memorial. The Dhargah building had been a wooden/plank building with Attap roof for many years until it underwent refurbishment  build in the year 1980 at the expense entirely from well-wishers from Alagankulam and surrounding areas.

Shaik Varusai Mohamed is buried side by side with his only son and only grandson .

A well known Poet   Pakeer Gany of Alagankulam has written many poems about Shaik Varusai Mohamed who had close contact with the Shaik Varusai Mohamed while recuperating from some ailment and staying with the Shaik.

In his honor it has been a practice in Alagankulam that a Maulid ( poems about his life works and praises)  recital is done without fail from 25th Dzulhijjah till the 5th Muharram for 10 days every Hijrah year . This Maulid (poems) was written by a great and well known Arabic Scholar from Kilakarai popularly known as Allama Mapillai Lebbai Alim (actual name Allama Syed Mohamed Lebbai)

Also as a mark of respect there is always a Honorary committee member post for one member of Shaikh in Alagankulam Muslim Jamaath (“AMJ”) . Till today AMJ honours the Shaik family descendants with Muthal Mariyathai in any Official Majlis ,functions officiated by AMJ.

This information was gathered by ASM Mohamed Sirajudin Abdul Rahim during his many trips to Alagankulam from Shaik Varusai Mohamed’s ancestor Shaik Jamal Mohamed. The writerhimself  is a 9th/10th descendant in Alagankulam whose ancestors were reportedly migrated into Alagankulam about 200-250 years ago.

The writer welcomes corrections and additional information(if any) provided all the informations are to be verified in writing and  with the blessing from Shaikh Varusai’s descendants namely Shaik Jamal Mohamed who is currently in Alagankulam. 

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