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Letter to Editor: New Straits Times & The Sun


Last Tuesday (23.6.2015), when I sent my grandchildren to school, I saw 2 people ― one person carrying a heavy bag ― walking along the road. From their appearance, I gauged them to be Muslims ― foreigners from either India; or Bangladesh; or Burmese Rohingyas. After sending my grandchildren to school, I speedily traced them, and found them walking along the same road. Thinking that I could give a lift, and take them to their destination, I stopped, and invited them to get in. Thanking me, they got in.

I started the conversation by asking them who they were and where they were going to. They said they were Rohingya Muslims, now staying in KL as refugees. One of them was an alim (Islamic scholar). They said that there are about 100,000 Rohingya Muslim refugees in Malaysia, almost all of them fakir/miskin; and their children do not have religious education; and because of that, lack in akidah. So, these 2 people, with some others in their group, have decided to build a madrasah (school of religious studies) to educate the Rohingya children in Malaysia; and these 2 people have come to collect donations from Muslims, by going to several masjids here ― with relevant approval from authorities.

I asked them: “I read in newspapers that Samis (Buddhist monks) and their followers are the main cause for the totally inhuman, cruel atrocities against Muslims in Myanmar. Even yesterday (Monday) in Utusan Malaysia, I read that they have warned the government not to give citizenship to Rohingya Muslims, and not allow them to vote. Why can’t the Rohingyas form a Mujahidin group and fight against this brutal and inhuman Buddhist Samis and their followers?”

The answer that he poured forth was indeed most heart-wrenching:
“It would be of no use to fight them; because, after launching an attack on them, the Mujahidin would have no place to run to. The B’desh government, the Indian government and Myanmar have formed an unwritten alliance, by which no country would give any form of support to the Rohingya Muslims. The B’desh government, under former prime ministers, like Arshad, were sympathetic to Rohingyas. But the present PM, Hasina ― though she is a Muslim ― is totally against Rohingyas. They have even erected a barricade at the border between B’desh & Myanmar, so that no Rohingya can cross into B’desh! So, the would-be Mujahidin would be easily caught & killed. Not only he will be killed, but all around his place would be rounded up, thrust into a closure. Petrol would then be poured; and the whole closure containing many Muslims would be burnt alive. This has happened many times; but, all media are banned from reporting any such incident. Raping of Rohingya ladies has now become a common affair! Rohingyas are not even allowed to use handphones! Rohingya Muslims are now treated as the early Muslims during the life of our Prophet Muhammad were treated by the Quraishi mushrikins. We find it difficult to have even one meal a day; no education at all; and no safety at all. We always live in fear ― fear of being attacked at any time by the Samis and their followers, and be killed; our houses ― made of bamboo or wood ― burnt; and our ladies raped!

Although Saudi Arabia & Malaysia, and a lot of other Muslim countries want to help us, the Myanmar government does not allow them! Myanmar government says ‘we are not Myanmar people’. It is an utter lie, to drive away the Muslims from Myanmar. We have been there for many, many generations; but just that we have different dialect & writing ― as can be seen in many other countries. Please doa for us in your everyday prayers.”

With a very deep heart, I said: ”I shall certainly pray for you, and also tell about all the misery of Rohingya Muslims, to all I know. Allah, Who is Most Powerful, and Who Sees All, will ― inshaAllah ― save you as He saved the Sahabah. I will doa that He soon gives Hidayah to a few Myanmar leaders to embrace Islam. They will then take up the struggle; and the Myanmar government cannot say they are not of Myanmar origin! It would be just like the Mongolian rulers, of whom the first 2 Mongolian rulers, invading Muslim countries like Iraq & Afghanistan, committed utmost cruelty against the Muslims ― destroying everything Islamic! But, Allah gave Hidayah to the 3rd Mongolian ruler; and he became a Muslim. This Mongol Muslim ruler then fought for Islam! Barbar, the 1st Mogul emperor of India was a descendent of this Mongol ruler. Likewise, Allah will soon give Hidayah to some Myanmar leaders; (who knows? Madam Aung San Suu Kyi, maybe one of them); and, they in turn will defend Islam and Rohingya Muslims. It will not be surprising if Myanmar, in 50 years, becomes a country with majority of Muslims.

Both of them thanked me, and requested me to take them to Masjid Negeri, Ipoh, where they can approach people for donations.

I wished them success in their mission ― inshaAllah.

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