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It is undeniable that despite all the stringent measures taken to bring down the crime rate, most unfortunately, nothing seems to work out. The criminals are not deterred; nor afraid; because, even most of the murderers get away with lesser punishment, through some ‘loop-holes’ in the man-made law. Do these criminals learn anything; or, change themselves for better after serving their prison terms? No! Having experienced the ‘cushy’ (happy) life in prison, they become more daring to do more crimes.

Murderers, who are initially charged under Section 302 which carries mandatory death sentence, if convicted, are let ‘off the hook’, due to technical fault in evidences, only to serve a few years in prison; and then come out, to do the same.

A person; or, a group of people, going to attack another person with whatever types of weapons – heavy sticks, iron rods, chains, parang, samurai swords, or pistols – definitely has the intention to kill his opponent. But, how could the prosecution show out the thoughts that were running in the minds of the culprits? The criminals’ lawyers very cleverly argue that their client didn’t have the intention to kill; but, just to beat him up. Charges are amended; and there, goes out the murderer.

Also the criminals find an easier way to escape punishment! Or, are they advised by some experienced ex-convicts? They consume alcohol before going to do their wicked intended crimes. When caught, the lawyers argue that their client was ‘not in his frame of mind’ and he did not know what he was doing! Thus, the criminals go free; only to continue his heinous activities. 

A group of robbers budge into a wedding house; with parangs; and, maybe a pistol. They threaten all the guests; and take away all the jewellery and money from them. So easy as that! If caught, the robbed loot may not be regained; and those criminals will be sentenced to a few years in jail – only to come out to look for another such occasion to haul another booty. 

A couple of poor or medium income, work hard; save money little by little for years, for something very important: to go on pilgrimage; or for the children’s education, or wedding; or to buy a small house; or to start a small business. One night, a couple of robbers bust into their house; tie them up; ransack the whole house; taking away all of their savings. All that they have toiled for have been taken away ‘just like that’ in a few minutes! Just imagine the sorrow and pain-in-heart that these victims would undergo. If caught & punished under the present system of law, would it change anything? Apparently no! 

Only the people who are directly affected; or, their close relatives would feel the pain & sorrow, cause by such heinous crimes. No others would feel it – not the lawyers who defend the criminals; nor the parliamentarians, who write or change the laws. 

Many years ago – maybe about 20 years ago – 2 robbers broke into a house, in which there were only 2 women – an old lady and her daughter – at midday; punched & beat the ladies; took away whatever they had. 2 days later, one of their close relatives, who came to see me, said: “Ayyah! (Sir!) These fellows must be punished like what they do in your Islamic country (meaning, Saudi Arabia)! See! Only those who are affected; or, their close relatives, would feel the pain.” 

How many more innocent victims of snatch-thefts are we going to lose, before those rascals responsible for it, are eradicated from this country? If just one snatch-thief is punished in an open place, by cutting his hand, you can be sure that there would be no more snatch-thefts at all.

To bring all this to the minimal, we have to opt for very harsh punishment. Let people call the harsh punishment as barbaric or outdated. Why care? We should only care and be concerned with the safe & peaceful living of the community at large; not defend the crooks, who should be eliminated from society. Only when they themselves (the decriers) are affected; for example: one of their family members is killed; or abducted; or raped; or their house robbed of all their jewellery & savings, then, deep in their heart, they would want such harsh punishments be meted out to the criminals. 

Some people are so phobic about Islam, that they abhor anything that is related to Islam, however good it may be. Their minds are ‘shut off’ from seeing the benefits in it. Practising‘hudud’ for crimes, has proved very effective & beneficial to curb that menace – as is clearly seen in Saudi Arabia. 

If anyone is truly & really sincere, why not give ‘hudud’ a try? After all, the only persons who are going to be affected by ‘hudud’ are the criminals only; none others. Objecting to ‘hudud’ only means that they indirectly support the prevalence of crimes! Do they not think that these people, who are the real threat to the peaceful living of the population at large, must be got rid off from the society? Would they still defend these criminals if they themselves are robbed of their property; or their family members raped or abducted; or, their dear ones murdered?

Without trying out a thing, one may never truly know the effect of that thing – good; or bad; just as the common saying goes: “belum cuba, belum tahu”. So, why not give ‘hudud’ a try – just for 2 years; and see if there is considerable reduction in the crime rate. If there is no significant reduction, then ‘hudud’ can be repealed; and the whole idea of ‘hudud’ can be thrown out forever.

One word of caution: ‘hudud’ must be applied to all criminals; not only Muslims. Whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, all criminals are anti-social elements, who must be got rid of. If ‘hudud’ is applied only to Muslims, then, crime-syndicates would muster non-Muslims to operate for them; so that, even if caught, ‘hudud’ will not be applied. As such, the situation goes back to ‘square one’. In such case, one cannot blame ‘hudud’ for not bringing down the crime-rate. Even now, most of the murders, robberies, and thefts are carried out by non-Muslims.

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