MAMJ 32nd AGM & EXCO Line up for 2016 – 2018

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Date : 21st February 2016 / 12 Jamadil Awal 1437H

Venue : Dewan Besar, Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia, Jalan Templer, PJS7, Petaling Jaya

Time : Commenced at 3.23 pm

EXCO for 2016 – 2018

Yg Bhg. Dato Dr Noorul Ameen Haji S.A. Mohamed Ishack
Deputy President
Al Sabri Bin Ahmad Kabri
Hanifa Bin Muthalif
Abdul Alim @ Sadath
Assistant Secretary
Bowsul Haqu ( Fauzul )
 Committee Members
1. Sithi Aishah Bt M.S.M Abdul Kadir
2. Zabarullah Khan Bin Kader Mydin ( Zk )
3. Haji Halilul Rahman Abd. Hamid
4. Mohamed Sirajudin Bin ASM Abdul Rahim
5. Shaik Alaudeen Bin Abdul Hamid
6. Mohamed Suhib Bin Abdul Rahim
7. Mohd Nizam

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